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I just about have my system the way i want it but i have a question. I want to add soe neon lights inside my truck under the seat near my subs to give it an erie look at night. Is there a way you can run neons into a distribitor block for power?

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Your neons should have 2 wires comiing off of them, a positive and a ground. Run the positive into the distribution block for power and then the ground to a ground point. The bad thing with this is that the neons will constantly be on, not just when the amps are on. You can install a switch inline with the power to control them and I would also install some sort of an inline fuse.

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I'm running a 250 w amp, to two 10 inch subs in a ported bandpass box. The box has a light inside of it and i am having trouble hooking it up without blowing the fuse in my amp. I have uped the fuse to a 30 amp from a 25 amp but it still blows. And i cant hook it up to just my other speakers without makeing my dash and interior dimming. how can i hook this light up?

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hey i have a neon lgiht about 8-10cm long and i wanna hook it up under my steering wheel... but i got no idea how, lol, there is 2 wires coming off it, a red one and black one with red stripe (positive and neutral, i think) there is also a little black box where all the wires go into and i think i need a battery of something to run it but i cannot open the box :P (oh and also the wires are only like 1 metre long and i dont think it will reach the battery) can someone please help me?

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NO!!! Shane, don't up your fuse to 30 amps if its blowing at 25. There is a REASON they used a 25 amp fuse. I somehow doubt that you know more than the designer, and he chose 25 amp fuse for a reason. Therefore, you need to figure out what is wired improperly.

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OK im not sure if i should be doing this customizing my ps2 and im looking to add neon lights! But i need to know if neon lights get hot! If They do i cannot add them. So Do They Get Hot?

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nvm i found a product that is just as good but it dosnt get hot. if any one else is trying somthing like im doing i got the lights from you will also neet to buy an inverter. you can get one here ory_Code= this comes with a power swich and all the wiring needed to conect the lights!
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