Battery post...soda?


is pouring pepsi on the battery post a good way of cleaning of the excess stuff around it? Should I wipe the pepsi off or let it dry, or what? please help?

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I dont know about battery terminals, i know that using it to clean off crome is good.

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I've never heard about pepsi doing that, but its funny cause I'm actually drinking pepsi as I type this, kinda disturbing thinking that stuff is a nice stripping agent for battery corrosion crud. At any rate, its probably best if you wipe it off when your done, or I've actually used sand paper to clean them up for mine. If your looking for more immediate results. If you leave the pepsi on, it'll continue to erode your stuff(thats bad).

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yes some coca-cola will clean the acid off of battery terminals.
old trick.
works well, but you want to rinse it off afterward to get the sticky stuff off from the sugar.


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I'm going to stop drinking coke as of now!

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your own stomach acid is a lot stronger than anything coke comes close to.
better stop eating, too!


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This stuff about cleaning battery posts has been most helpful. If my stomach acid is stronger then how about throwing up on the battery.

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yeah. I think you should try that.
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