Need Suggestions On new system setup


ok i got a fosgaste 401s amp and two 4ohm JL 12wo's single vioce coil, whats the best way to hook these up to that amp, specs on the amp:
100 watts RMS x 2 at 4 ohms ...
200 watts RMS x 2 at 2 ohms
400 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms in bridged mode
stereo or bridged mono output
4-ohm stable in bridged mode

Parallel the subs to get 2 ohm load and just hook them up to your amp.Each sub's Rms is like 125 but u can put 200 in them a piece.

is this a good setup, will it bump, is the amp sufficent for tha subs?

run one sub on each channel of the amplifier.
that'll be 100 watts per sub. the subs are rated for 125WRMS each, and you don't want to go much over that range. you wouldn't gain much, and you'll not only void the warranty of the subs, but you'll damage the coils.
If you want more power, look at a class-D sub amplifier that puts out 300WRMS @ 2 Ohms, like the JBL BP300.1 which runs about $150 US.
Then you could use that RF amp for mids/highs

I had a 2 channel amp rated at 55W RMS @ 4ohms
I was powering two 4 ohm subwoofers rated at 100W RMS The subwoofer enclosure was wired in parallel dropping the impedence to 2 ohms.
I now have a paper weight that looks a lot like my old amp.(sony XM 255EX)
I'm looking at a new amp rated @ 75W RMS which is bridgeable at 4-8ohms. I'm going to undo the bridge, and use two channels to run the subs. How will this affect performance and sound, vs bridged, and will the 75W RMS value on the Amp be a bad a match for the speakers rated at 100W RMS?

"I now have a paper weight that looks a lot like my old amp.(sony XM 255EX)"

Honestly, that's about all a Sony amp is good for anyway. They tend to fail a *lot* sorry

"I'm looking at a new amp rated @ 75W RMS which is bridgeable at 4-8ohms."

If you have two 4 Ohm subs, why not look at a monoblock sub amplifier? they are all 2 Ohm stable, and usually have two sets of speaker terminals just for your type of setup. JBL has some very nice amps for very good prices, from 150 to 1200 watts at 2 Ohms, depending on the model.
This would be the ideal way to do it. forget bridging or using two channel amps for subs in this case.
bridging an amplifier doesn't make it put out more power. it merely allows you to get maximum power from a 4 Ohm load on the amp into one channel, as opposed to max power from two channels with a 2 Ohm load per channel.

you need 100 watts RMS per sub or so, look at the JBL BP300.1 which is about $150 and will give 150 watts RMS per sub, or the BP150.1 which is rated at half of that power, or 75W per sub.
If you use the 300.1 just keep the sub level turned down on the ehad unit or crossover, and you should be fine by not sending full power to the subs.
you'll be very amazed at how much better those subs will sound with a good mono sub amp.
remember, everything below about 150Hz is mono anyway, so no point in stereo separation in bass frequencies, plus you want mono subs anyway so they work together to move more air for better SPL.
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