3 subs one amp need 2 bridge down ohms


heres the deal i have three 12 inch subs and a 2 channel amp but the thing is 2 of the subs are are 8 ohms and dont have any sound quality 2 em at all and my other sub is 2 ohms i jus cant figure out how 2 bridge down the ohms on those 2 with out my amp cutting off and blowing the fuses neone knows hook me up please

I have two questions for you. Are any of the subs dual voice coil. and is your amp 1 ohm stable.

if your amp is one ohm stable then you can connect all three speakers in parallel and then bridge them into your amp. and it should be 1 1/3 ohms.
but if your subs are dual voice coil then it would make it alot easier

see but if i do that it blows the fuses so what would u do then

you could try paralleling the two 8 ohmers and then putting those in series with the 2 ohmer. you would get a result of 6 ohms. which i think is the best your gonna do unless you only use two subs.

what do u mean by series

Ok ill try to make this as clearly as possible otherwise it gets confusing. this is what you do.

run positive from amp to one 8 ohmer. then to the positive of the other 8 ohmer. Then connect the (-)'s of the 8 ohmers together. Then connect the (-)of the 8 ohmer thats not directally connected to the amp to the positive of the 2 ohmer. and then connect the negative of the 2 ohmer to the negative on the amp.

yea i already done that and it blew fuses so what else would u do

Wait, you connected it just as i described and it still blew fuses. Thats highly unlikely, unless what are the rms powers of the subs and the amp, it could be a combatibility problem, or do the amp blow right when you turn it on, cause then it might be a short. Also are you using recomended fuses. I don't what else to tell you with out knowing the specs. You may have to just use two of the speakers.

well it takes a while for em 2 blow and yes im using the right fuses it takes about 5 minutes for it 2 blow em but i dont know the rms of the speakers cuz i bought em off of someone else so i have no idea what 2 do

If you tried both ways of connection and it blew both ways i don't know what esle to do. You could go searching on the net to find out the speakers specs, they have to be out there somewhere. Other than that the only thing that i can suggest is to just use the two 8 ohmers, at least its something that will work. And in the mean time you could go searching for specs.

Dude,first off tryin to connect 2 8ohm subs and 1 2ohm sub to the same amp is just retarded.Secondly,if your amp keeps blowin fuses I think its tryin to tell you somethin.My guess would be that it is a relatively low power AB amp.If you're stuck with that crap and HAVE to use it I suggest paralleling the 2 8ohm subs to 1 4ohm load and bridging the amp.If your amp still blows fuses that way than your situation is hopeless.

i have 6 15 inch kicker solabarics and 3 1200watt kicker amp should i use any type of capacitor to save more power or leave it how it is

yes u need a cap . if u dont use one it can burn the altenator

ducan.....u may wanna think about getting a new altenator!!!....3600watts means a whole lot of current draw from the cars electrical system.

I only have a 1200 watt system and my lites used to dim before i got a 2 farad cap. I only have a 100 amp altenator... you on the other hand are drawing a lot of current, even w/ thoss d-class amps...

i dont remember how to figure how many amps your altenator needs to be but i'm sure some one here may know.

try to get ahold of Derek I.
he may know.

some one help me out here....to think of it i dont know if my alt. is big enough...
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