I have a Cerwin-Vega IT-15.0 15" 800W peak power, (2) - 12" Pyramid Imperial Gold 1200W peak power (Each), (2) - 6x9 Royal Red Pyramids at 600W peak power ((Each) going to be thru a 300W amp for each speaker), and lastly (2) - Jensen XS-2690 150 Watts Peak 6" x 9" Coaxial Speakers with Swivel Tweeter, and am going to be powering all (but 6x9's) thru a Pyramid Crystal 1800W 4-ch amp. havnt hooked up yet, and will probley get another, when I got the $. (Probley gunna go for the Rockford Fosgate Power 1051S amplifier on the Imperials, and a Rockford Fosgate Power 451S amplifier. But not yet) Wut u think itll be like? Also any help on how to set it up, maybe a diagram would be great, I havnt ever set up a system before I was going to have a friend help me out. Just drop me an E-mail with subject of Your System Info. Thanks!

Let's see i have a jensen amp that is a 600 watt piece of crap. I need someone to tell some idea of what i need to do to bridge it so i can pull those watts out of a 2 10 inch bandpass box. I am willing to try anything,( I think i have tried almost everything) PLEEZ HELP ME!!!!!

Some Jensen amps don't bridge dude. If it does you should see a second set of (+)(-) marks above or below the terminals with a lable of 'Bridged.'

If you don't have it, probably doesn't do it. Sorry~!
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