Help needed adding sub amp + sub to current setup



I'm current running a Zapco AG650 with MB Quart components and a Cerwin-Vega Stroker 12" svc. The amp doesn't push enough watts to the Stroker for its full potiential (1000w). I'd like to add a Zapco AG1000 and another Stroker I recently bought to the setup. I bought a dvc Stroker by accident though and cant return it.

1.) How do I go about adding the 1000w amp to push the subs together?

2.) Can I use a SVC and DVC sub at the same time? Is there any noticible difference in sound?

any help is greatly appreciated.. thanks.

No, dont do it. Unless you like using high quality equiptment in a useless setup.

Manny, you're in a pickle there.

The SVC and DVC versions of any sub are going to be quite different. Check the TS parameters of the two and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Hopefully, your DVC sub has 2-ohm voice coils and your SVC sub has a 4-ohm voice coil. If so, just run the dual voice coils in series and you have a 'virtual' 4-ohm sub. This still isn't ideal, one sub will get more power than the other but at least you'll be in the ballpark.

You'd be much better off doing what you must to make sure your subs match. If you can't return your DVC sub, try to get another and recover some of your investment by selling the SVC (they bring good $ on eBay.)

Sorry dude, that's gotta suck.

Manny G.
would it be better to run 2 DVC's or 2 SVC subs then?

It all depends on the amp or amps you plan on using. The DVC subs give you better wiring flexability and lower load capabilties for class d and high current amps.If I had the choice, I would get 2 DVC strokers so I would have two 1ohm loads for the plethera of 1 ohm stable amps on the market.

Manny G.
well i'd still be using the same amp for the subs.. Zapco AG1000. u recommend 2 dvc subs? i was thinking of putting them in a double shot snail box
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