Hurry!! I have a question!!


Hey whats up... my subs just came.. and I was just gonna ask how many watts they truely need to make them sound good... they are

2 Sony P5 XS-L121P5 12" Component Subwoofers

so plz give some suggestions for amps.. i am kinda of on a budget.. but ill take all suggestions.. cuz i need to get an amp quick and hook these babies up... thanks Ian

HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!My discman can overpower those pieces of crap.

Just match the RMS rating of the speakers with the RMS rating of an amp. It's obvious your on a tight budget because of the subs you bought so I would suggest buying a cheap amp that wont overpower your subs. Not only that, but those speakers are only going to sound so good so dont waste your money on an expensive amp because most amps will be able to produce a decent enough sound for your application. I would recommend you to take your time with your decision (I know its hard) and watch out for RMS rating vs. Peak watt ratings. Do not pay any attention to the peak watts on a amplifier. That just means it will push a certain number of watts at such a high frequency that your speakers cant play or that you can hear for that matter. Not to mention the distortion would be so high if you itended the amp to push near its max output. The max power on a speaker simply means that the speaker can handle short time frames of exposure that watt rating but it cant handle it continously. Good Luck and remember to take your time and do your research before making this investment.

to tell u the truth, sony subs are crappieeee. but since u have them already, power them with the sony 760 watts or the 1000 watts. don't worry about the 1000 watts blowing away ur subs, That power is not pure.
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