Advice on good amp to run sub


I recently replaced a Focal Utopia 11" sub with a Focal Utopia 15". I am running the same amp on the 15 as I did on the 11. I need more power. I have been considering a few different brands but have not had the chance to listen to them because stores never have the best stuff hooked up. Anyone with experience, let me know what the best sounding (SQ) amp for my sub is. I am been looking at Zapco, Mcintosh, ADS, Sinfoni. Let me know if there is another brand I should check out too.

You might want to check out alphasonik, they are reasonably priced and deliver a lot of power. I saw the 500 watt version powering a 32" sub, yes 32", and the damn windows in the store were about to crack. They are very good for the price.

Pyle PLWB108's
Nobody knows for sure what happened to Pyle ... remember the PROs?
I have two PLWB108s (yes 8 ohm !!!), each of these in its own 1.1 cu.f chamber, ported at 3" x 4" connected to an Alpine 1505 about 400w/Ch. (Not even bridged yet!!!)
It is so F**K'N LOUD that it rips the 1996 Camaro Convertible apart.
It blows away the entire neighborhood and I have been chased down the street by people as well as sh*t thrown at me!
This is Pyle still at its best.
I have tried to blow these up but they just get louder and more obnoxious! It feels like everything is going to blow up except these!
From low to high bass this subwoofer has no distortion and is a magical blend with an Alpine 505 driven 4 Polk 6.5s and tweeters. All driven by a Pioneer KEH-P990 and Alpine 3342 processor and 1 Farad cap.
My system is an Epiphany...professionally sweet...and when not in painful threshold it makes women want to F**K ME!
I'm a real life Han Solo!
I've got to figure out a way to add a couple of more 10s & 12s to my limited space.
Heavy duty construction with Rubber surround is all it takes.
Excursion and pole length? I can't imagine if and when Pyle would make a 13W7 !!!

All of you idiots who think you know everything and spend dollars and still aren't happy...F**K YOU !!
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