Rockford Subs?


What amp should I use on two 12' He2 subs. They are rated at 800 watts with 400 rms.

Two HE2 12" subs.. as much power as you can afford.

Well If ur subs are Dual 4 ohm subs then I would prefer the RF Power 851s its 850x1 bridged @ 4ohm that would give each sub about 425 true power.Just wire those subs in Series to create a 4 ohm load and make sure they are bridged and ull be fine.If ur not interested in that amp Kicker's 800.2 amp is also very good and very underated its 800x1 Bridged but puts out at least 900.other amps are the JL 1000/1 Memphis 1000d.

Will a Roadmaster EQ/amp work as good? It's 200 watts x 4. That's the same 800 watts, right?

Thank you for your help

ROADMASTER.......HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.Your lucky if that thing puts out 25watts RMS per channel.

Anonymouse is right Roadmaster might put out 100 watts but thats it.If ur lookin for a cheap amp that still has got some punch Us Acoustics is always a good choice thats if ur on a budget but I would highly recommend spendin ur money on somethin that u wont have to upgrade ever like a Kicker amp or a JL Amp(upgrading can cost you alot more why keep upgrading just go ahead and save ur money and get the best.)
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