Bottle-neck effect???


I have a 94 cutlass supreme, and i noticed that the wire that runs from the alternator to the battery is probably an 8 guage, or maybe a little bigger. however the wire that i am going to run from my battery is zero guage. It doesn't make sense to me how it would be possible to be getting as much power as a zero guage can carry when the first wire off the alternator is way smaller. Am i going to be getting adequate power, or do i need to change something? add battery? cap? Thanks

Exactly... You sould take some of that zero gauge and replace the stock wiring with it. I just have one question... If you need zero gauge wire, will your alternator be able to handle whatever current you are going to try to get out of it? You probably need to get a bigger alternator. Otherwise you will drain your battery and stall while going down the road when there isn't enough power left for the ignition system. A bigger battery will delay this problem, but it will still happen. The battery in a car is meant to start it, and nothing else. A cap doesn't really help anything with the charging system, but you may need one with such a big system to keep the bass consistent.

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