Sony Xplod amp need help!!


I have a sony xplod 440 amp. I've run 8gage power wire from the battery to the amp for power with a stinger 60amp fuse inline. I have a 10" TYPE R sub hooked up to the sub. The amp is a 4/3/2 channel amp. I have the sub running from the two mono channels into one side each of the power in on the sub. There is a 30amp fuse in the amp as well. My problem if there isn't one here already that I know of is, when I connect my remote power wire to from any power source to the amp, the amp goes into "Overcurrent". No matter where my power source is coming from. Any suggestions as to why this is happening and a way to resolve this dilema. Greatly appreciated Thanks

well first of all, if you have a 30 amp fuse in the amp then you should have a 30 amp inline fuse on the power cable. i've heard of this problem before.
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