Pyramid, Lanzar,Cyclone ,American Legacy ,Pyle with xplod 1200watts subs


I was just wondering that Pyramid, Lanzar, Cyclone ,American Legacy ,Pyle amps have 1000-200watts on them which brand is best in this class, is it worth buying ??? or they're just faking the watts... how about xplod 1200watts woofer as subs...???? waiting....

i meant 1000-2000 watts

all of these ratings are peak watts, which you shouldn't pay attention to. look at the rms power, that's the actual rating. take sony xplod for example; the xs-l1290p5 12" subwoofer says it has 1600 watts peak power handling, but only 500 watts rms handling. that's a big difference. peak power is just a scam for companies to sell products. by the way, sony is worst of all those brands you listed. don't ever buy sony when it comes to car audio, with the exception of some headunits.

Dominic L.
yah don't even get a sony head unit..they cant handle the bass..and after awhile of some earth shattering bass..they die out and it sux because u pay quite a bit for a piece of sh!t head unit..

so what about the amps ive listed...I saw the lanzar 2000watts and i liked it so do u guys think i should order one...??

if you do decide to get it, make sure it has a good warranty plan. i never knew that lanzar made amps that put out 2000 watts rms. are you sure that isn't the peak power rating? in any case, if it puts out at least 500 watts rms then it's not too shabby.

Yea its 2000watts peak ...

try to find out what the value of the fuse the amp uses. it should have a 40 amp fuse or a pair of 20 amp fuses. if it uses anything less than a combined total of 40 amps, then it won't provide much power.

You are looking at the peak power, you got to look for the RMS. They are NOT the same

I was wondering whether pyramid subs are good or not. I'm trying to find subs for a decent price that can actually handle the low end instead of putting out a bunch of distorted midrange.
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