Figuring ohms load of an amp


i've got 2 12" kicker solobarics and i want to hook them up to a 1200 watt JBL power amp. the solobarics are 4ohm dvc subs and the amp is 2ohm stable. i want to get the most from my amp so should i wire it parallel or is that to big of a load

Matt N.
first of all, are the woofers 4 ohm + 4 ohm coils, or are the 4 ohms total (like 2 + 2). This will determine the load you will place on your amp.

If they are 4+4, then you can wire the coils in parallel and then wire each speaker in series. This will produce a 4 ohm load for you amp. Probably won't get all your power but it won't blow the amp either.

If the could wire them the same way as above and get a 2 ohm load.

Now when you say the amp is two ohm stable, is it two ohm stable in stereo or bridged mode. Most amps that are two ohm stable in stereo are only 4 ohm stable in bridged mode.

Those are your options as far as I can see. Good Luck
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