How Do u hook up an AMP


how do u hook a amp up

could i connect my car speakers to the speakers i am puttin in the car as in a 12?

jim bob
your stupid

Matt N.
Never mind Jim Bob...he is obviously no help, especially on a help forum.

Try looking in the amplfier section for this. Its been answered several time there.

sorry for gettin off the subject but does anyone know where i can get a box to house 2 10' type-s in a 2000 f-150 ext. cab ????

I have all the wires for my amp i just dont know where they go.

i need to kno how to hook a 450 amp up with a 10'and 12' to a 93 jeep sport

ok i got it to the batter and the cd player and its not working so any/all advice please dudes so i need h e l p

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Matt,you figure out how to hook it up????

matt a
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yeah i hooked up my amp and all that the right way and i still dont no whats wrong it still wont work the power light doesnt go on but i checked if there was power and there was so i was wondering what it could be

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0where would I go to find out how to install an amp and a cd changer in a 2004 mercury sable

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get it done prefessionally. if u do it yourself u might jack it up and no refunds...but if they do u get a new me on this i did

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First, run the correct gauge wire from your battery to your amplifier through the car. Make sure you put an inline fuse somewhere near the battery.

Second, find a switched power source, such as your radio. Just go through your fuse box with a voltmeter and check each fuse when the car is off. If the fuse doesn't have about 12 volts running through it, put the key into the "ACC" position, or ignition position if you don't have one. If you have 12 volts running through that same fuse now, crimp a wire around the fuse leg, and stick it back into its holster. Then run this wire all the way to your amp into the "REM" or remote turn on terminal.

Attach a wire the SAME SIZE as your power lead to a CLEAN ground in the car. This is most likely a bolt that it NOT painted. If it is painted, scrape the paint off and attach the wire to that bolt, then attach the other end of the wire to the ground terminal on your amplifier.

Now, I don't know if you are using speaker-level inputs or RCA inputs. If you are using RCA inputs, run the RCA cables from your head unit or your line-output converter to the RCA inputs on your amplifier. If you are using speaker level inputs, go to your speakers. Attach a wire from each terminal on each speaker (i.e. RIGHT+ and RIGHT-) Then run these wires to the corresponding inputs on the amplifier. You can also use the speaker outputs from your deck and do the same thing:
RIGHT+ on your deck --> wire --> RIGHT+ INPUT ON AMP

Lastly, use speaker wire to connect the subwoofer/speakers to your amplifier's output terminals.

There! You're done! That was easy, eh? Clean up and go for a ride.

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hey man, there's an amplifier forum on this site too - you should of posted your question there. go to crutchfield for help: ml

This page has plenty of stuff, and there's a link somewhere on there for a two minute installation video to watch. very helpful!
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