Did I screw up?


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Hello, I'm a total newbie.

I just bought a 200W (4 x 50W) Panasonic CD/mp3 head unit. I also bought some 6 x 9 Pioneer 3-way speakers which are 240W, but nomial 40W.

I assumed a 200W head unit couldn't blow 240W speakers. Does that nominal 40W mean I can now blow those speakers (since the head unit output is 50W) ??

Any help appreciated. Cheers.

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I think you will be totally fine with that

btw panasonic built some real decent looking HUs lately

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Loch that is the PEAK watts that thing says. It only puts out about 11-22watts of true power NOT 50watts that is just there to impress you. And no it won't blow you speakers

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Jay-J is right about the rms wattage. If you want to get those to sound decent without alot of distortion put an amp on them. Get ya a 2 channel thats 100 rms. Better to have more power and run gains lower then not enough.

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I don't know if I'd run 100W RMS, 50 would be better. 6x9's typically are rear speakers, I'd save the two channel for front speakers. Or, you could get 100 and turn the gains down for now and eventually upgrade with a front component set, but for a permanent application, 50x2 RMS would be plenty. 6x9's tend to distort with the more power applied anyway.

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ya, Panasonic has some pretty sweet decks now..
best deck I've ever had :D

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Thanks for the help lads.
I was just worried I was gonna blow them coz I blew two pairs of (crap) speakers with my old (crap) Boss head unit, which is now broken. Then someone smashed my window and stole my crap blown speakers.

I may get an amp and subs at some stage but not for a while. I'm pretty happy with the price I got the head unit, and yeah aestheticly it looks sweet. I've had a Panasonic home stereo which I have been very happy with, so hopefully the car stereos are as good.

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One other thing..
I know this probably belongs on the amps board, but someone here can probably tell me what this means:

Dual Pre-Amp (2.5V, 200 Amp)

What kind of amp/subs would best be suited to the head unit?
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