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Can a remote wire be ran from one amp to another. the first amp lead connection is hooked into the ingnition fuse in the fuse box. Just wondering if i should do the same with amp number 2. the reason is i have an alpine m200 amp that has been working great. I decided to get another to run a second alpine s series sub. I hooked it up exactly the same and ran the remote wire from the second amp into the first. In testing the second amp it would turn itself off during loud volume and now that they are hooked together by the remote wire, now they both turn off during loud volume.

set up
4 g wire running from battery into a power block
2 8 g wire running into amps from the block
both grounded by 4 g wire
remote wire running from fuse box into amp 1 then from amp 1 into amp 2.

thanks if anyone can help


my remote wire runs from my radio to my amp for it to work. Does the remote wire have to be grounded?


If you are running them off the fuse box from the ignition, you may be pulling too much power and the fuses can blow that way. Your amps may also have protector circuits to prevent damage at high-powered hits. I'll tell you what I am going to do...I plan to bypass the remote wire and just wire the power into a high-amp switch that I control myself. I will also wire a piezo buzzer in-line that will buzz if the car is off and the switch is left on (if the door is open)--much like your reminder for headlights/key in the ignition.

is a remote wire always blue?

how do u find the remote wire?

remote is almost always blue

alright I just bought a setup for my car

I'm running an Alpine deck
Rockford Amp
Pioneer subs

I have it all wired up. The Subs are 500W And the amps a 1200. I can't get them to hit or when they do they don't sound right. and the dash dims in the car. The amp has the remote power control and it seems to make little difference to the sound/volume of the hits. I had the remote wired to the deck connected to the blue wire. Turned out to be the power antenna wire. So I did the blue/white the seems to work.

Please help

does remote wire have to be a certain wire or can it just be any 18 gauge wire? for example, 18 gauge speaker wire.

im tryin to hook up a car amp onto my computer along wit two subs. does anyone know where i can get a remote wire from?

How freaking stupid are u albert. there is no remote signal coming out of a computer.

hey. haha I was intrigued by alberts idea.. I once thought of doing that.. hooking up subs and an amp to my computer.. and as weird as it sounds its not too far fetched.. I have a site here that makes it possible http://www.clubknowledge.com/Car_Audio_FAQ/?t7

enjoy. :)

of course you need a head unit.. or if you have a hella good sound card.

and P.s. I did make it work.. I was playing my computer music onto my 12" rockford subs and pos 400watt amp.. didnt blow anything.. still here :)

I am trying to find the remote wire to my bro's CD unit and cannot find it. A lot of the wires says things.

Ex: Batt/Memory, Power, Anttena, etc.
I forgot what the blue wire was called. Also I looked at the power wire and it doesn't connect to the CD unit, it just loops back to itself?

I don't know which one to run it to. Can anyone tell me which wire to run it to. Post here or email me at Maseo84@yahoo.com

Thanks a bunch, i'm not to good with this stuff :)


I have a sony X-Plod Deck...and i have wired up my system..the only thing that remains left to do is my remote wire...i looked at the back of my deck, but it doesnt have one...and my deck instruction booklet does not have anythign about a remote wire...Is there a different wire to run it off of from the deck..if not, how do i get the amps to turn on...Somethign about a fuse box?? Im new into this kinda stuff, so any help woudl be appreciated. Thanks

what if the power antenna loops in itself, just trim the wire and place it there. Like i mean the power antenna doesn't go to the HU?

there should be a wire that is labeled antenna motor or something similar. it's usually a blue wire in most aftermarket headunits. you can tell which one it is because it connects to the back of the deck but the other end isn't hooked up to anything. just strip a little off this wire and connect your remote wire to it.

i got the remote wire hoooking it up to the power anneta so is the power anneta suppose to be hooked to the remote wire?????????

there should be a wire that is labeled antennae motor or something similar. it is usually blue in most aftermarket headunits. the way to distinguish it from the other wires is that it is connected to the back of the headunit, yet the other end is not connected to anything. it just dangles there. strip the dangling end and connect the remote wire to this. i hope you didn't disconnect the antennae wire and hook up the remote wire to the back of the head unit. that would be wrong. good luck and tell me how it goes.

i have an alpine headunit what color wire do i hook up the remote wire to on it?

why do i have to keep repeating myself? don't you people ever take a look at previous posts? read the other posts and quit asking the same questions. i don't believe it.

can i bypass a romote wire
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