Amp for Audiobahn 10" subs??? PLZ HELP


ok, well I just purchased 2 audiobahn 10" subs with 400 rms ..luckily I made the good choice of buying them over 2 sony 12"s with only 350 rms..but I was wondering what type of amp and box should I get to make this sound really good.

thx a lot hope you can help :)

I would put them in a recommeded ported box with a divider between them and power them with a good 800-1000 watt amp. I would recomend a class D amp. and it all dependeds what ohm the subs are to make the amp see what it is stable to do. I would get a 1 channel amp and if you got 2 4ohm subs get a 1 ohm stable amp.
Hope thats enough for you thats what i would do.

Dominic L.
you said 800-1000 watt amp..but most amps are crap that just lie by under rating or overrate there amp..any good amps to be specific?

you might want to go with an alpine..
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