if my speakers are set at 2 ohms is it true that i have to get new speakers just to get a cd player installed

Why ?? It doesn't matter if ur speakers are 2,4 or 8 ohms, the 2 ohms will sound much louder than the 8 ohms, and ur amplifier will produce more heat, that's all... So ur speakers have nothing 2 do with an cd-player.

Ferry is correct. Your head unit would be rated at 4 ohms and if you connect up 2 ohm speakers the amp will work harder and the speakers will sound louder. But how do you know you have 2 ohm speakers? What year, make and model vehicle do you drive?

you want to connect your speakers so they have a 2ohm resistance between the terminals right?you'll have about 1ohm resistance in the wire so if you have it set up as 2ohm only 2/3 of your power will go through the speakers (1/3 power lost in wire) and if you have it set up as 4ohm then 4/5 of your power will go through your speakers (1/5 of power lost in wire). in 4ohm the speaker will go harder but if you connect two 8ohm speakers in parallel then you will have 4ohm set up and the power will be distributed between them. either way you go i would recommend you go with 4ohm
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