More Punch, Less Drag??????????????????????


I have a nice set up (in my opinion) in my car. I don't like to put a ton of money into car stereo (because my car is old) but i do enjoy a louder clearer sound than factory stereos produce. Right now in my car I have a Alpine CD player, my internals are (fronts) infinity's and (rear) Rockford's. They sound great and I have no problems here. I have a 300 watt 2 channel MTX amp and two 10 inch MTX subs hooked up to it. The box I have my subs in is sealed. My problem is that I listen to all metal (no Rap) and I have the subs for more punch (the bass drum) but there is more drag (the damn bass guitars) overriding the sound. I have messed with the frequencies and everything else on the amp to change it but nothing helps. My question is what type of setup will produce more punch than anything??? IE changing the type of box - ported or bandpass, or possibly hooking up another amp, etc.

Get a nice equalizer. You can then cut the frequencies you don't want so much of and boost the others. Make sure it's a nice one, not just a 5-band or something. Sounds like you need a bit more control than that.
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