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Jon Smith
Okay I need some advice, I have a Alpine head unit 4 Alpine speakers and 2 tweeters. I Also have two 8 inch JBS Subwoofers at 600 watts, I want an Amp to just power my woofers but I don't want to blow the woofers. I want a good Amp that will do the job. Can anybody give me advice in which make and model Amp I should go with ???

Jon... i would need to know the (RMS) wattage rating of the subs.. i see you have jbs subs.. do you mean JBL... you must take into consideration what the sub can actually handle before picking a amp... also what type of box are you going to be using...

Jon Smith
Sorry Chris, the subs are JBS Technologies they are a car security system company that made a special speaker unit. I don't know the rms rating myself but they pound cause I hooked them up to my home system and they rocked. I was woundering if this info would help there also in a bandpass box!

Jon... i looked the speakers up on the net and found the ones you were talking about.. well i dont know where to start.. its been my experience that speaker companies that dont list their rms ratings are not that good of quality.. the rms rating is the rating that will keep you from fryin your speakers.. they may have a rating of 600 watts but a rms rating of 50 watts each.. and a rather small amp with ratings of 400 max but has a rms rating of 300.. this would fry your speakers...

rms (continuous)
(amp) the wattage an amp can put out constantly when a musical note comes in.. if the note was played constantly the wattage would not dip...
(speaker) the MAX input wattage the speaker can CONTINUOISLY take without damage to the speaker

peak (max)
(amp) the wattage the amps jumps up to for a brief second when a bass note kicks in...
(speaker) the wattage the speaker can take for only about 1/4th of a second, otherwise it will blow out

Jon Smith
Hey Chris thanks a lot man you really Helped me out. I am going to take your advice, can you suggest better Subwoofers, in 10" company. Thank-you.

Jon Smith
I have a 720 Jenson Amp to go with 2 10".???
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