BOSS amp shuts off after a few seconds


My amp has been running for over a year with my subs. It started having a problem where after ten minutes or so it would shut off and I would have to turn the stereo off to get it to come back on. Then it would play for an extended time. Well now it comes on for a second and shuts off. Everytime. The protect light is not coming on. Just the power light shuts off. Any help I would appreciate it.

MY Boss amp did that too, and I was only pushing to 6 by nines and a 8 sub inside of the car. But what I did was to bridge the speakers, it doesn't do it any more. Hey does your amp first channel work

the answer is you bought something BOSS now you both learned the hard way now go buy sumtin NAMEBRAND- you only get what you pay for just remember that

My broke as$ Boss amp does the same sh!t. I bought it before i got educated in systems, and i am very disapointed. The only thing that made it overheat LESS was making sure the amp had no obstructions around it, so heat could flow better. Also, try briding the speakers.
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