Appropriate amplifiers for my components?


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I am currently building a system from scratch as my car has no factory audio system... I have the following so far..

Alpine CDA-9835
Front: CDT Audio CL-61 - peak 90 Watts RMS @ 4 Ohms
Rear: CDT Audio CL-5x - peak 60 Watts @ 4 Ohms

I will probably be going with one or two 10" subs but i haven't chosen them yet.

So this leaves me with basically three scenarios:

1. Purchase a 2 channel amp for the fronts; Run the rears off the headunit's built in amp; Purchase a separate mono amp for the subs.

2. Purchase a 4 channel amp; Run the fronts and bridge the other two channels for a single sub; Run the rears off the headunit's amp.

3. Purchase two 2 channel amps, one for the fronts, one for the rears; Purchase a third mono amp for the sub(s).

What seems like the "best" way to go? I am leaning toward option 1 at this point but I would really like some feedback and amplifier brand/model recommendations for this setup..

Glasswolf? :-)


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option 4: JL 450/1 which already gives more power to teh front channels than to the rear.. and its a single solution, then add a second class D amp for subs. set the 450/1 to mono for rears if you want a better front stage. rear stereo speakers really trash a SQ system, causing a drifting sense and lack of focus for pinpointing vocal and instrumental locations for imaging.

option 5: use one Kicker or MTX 5 channel amplifier as a "total solution" and run fronts on front channels, rears on rear channels (in mono) and a sub on the sub channel.
one amp. one mounting spot, one cable run.. everything you need in one clean job.

i guess if price doesn't matter, then the 5 channel amp probably would be a good solution. but make sure it's a good name brand, hence, if price doesn't matter. because a good 5 channel amp will cost you some money, but will be worth it.

oh yeah, and probably simplify it a little.
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