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Well seeings how you said that I calculated your box tuning wrong I just had to go back and see how far off I really was.

For anyone that hasnt seen it here is the original thread:

Ill go step by step here John so you can correct me where I messed up.
OK well your original enclosure was 36x14x16 and was divided so I divided the width in half and found the tuning for one chamber.
So using 18x14x16 that gives and area of 1.73 cuft BEFORE sub and port displacement.
Subtract .071 cuft, the displacement of a 12" Type R and you are left with 1.659 cuft.

So then I had to figure out the port displacement, going off your picture in the first thread I came up with a port length of 19.25 inches.
The port height was 12.5 because you have to subtract the wood thickness from the top and bottom and the width of the port for figuring out the displacement would have been 3.25 doing the math that gives you a total of .453 cuft of port displacement.
Subtract that from the 1.659 above and you get 1.206 cuft AFTER port and sub displacement.
So with the port dimensions of 12.5x2.5x19.25 it gives you a tuning of 52.73 Hz.

So you were correct with my original figure of 47 hz I was wrong. But I didnt go into the exact detail I did when I figured this one.

Well hope this makes you happy and unlike you I can admit when I am wrong.

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seems like a lot of work to prove ur point lol

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"Thanks guys. Its a 36x14x16 box and havent quite tuned the box yet, im ampless as of now and once the zx450.2 is sold i have a kx1200.1 on order then ill mess with it. Any suggestions on what I should set the frequency to? The subs are wired up to 1 ohm load ready for the incoming amp".

sorry thought i shuld bring that up its soo funny... wish u culd bump that post up

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Yeah It was a little bit of work. But I feel like it was worth it.

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Bumpin it up for John to see.

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