Amp is on but no volume


Christopher Johnson
I hooked up my sony expolde amp to my alpine and the power lite is on, but the red lights for volume does not come on and the speakers are not working, any help would be great!!!!!!!!

I'm having a similar problem. I have an Alpine CDM-7834 unit with two 8" Boss Audio subs rated at 250w each, and a PowerAcoustik 2-channel 280w amp. A red light on the amp turns on when I turn on the stereo, but I'm not getting any sound from my subs. I'm running RCA cables from the stereo's preamp outputs to the amp, and everything looks to be in order. I'm totally confused as to what the problem is. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Is the remote wire run and connected. I would imagine its is if a power light is coming on but get a multimeter or a 12 volt light bulb and test it.

Get a 1/8 to dual RCA adapter and take a Walkman or laptop out to your car and connect it directly to your amp's line-ins. This is just to check that your head unit's line-outs are working.

Hope this helps.

i have a custic 160 watt amp i have power to it butt it wont put any juice out to my subs all of my solderd connections are fine HELP ME PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brendan Rice
Just following up on a message I posted a few weeks ago. I put a voltmeter across the ground and remote turn-on, and it reads 12v. I tried it again on the ground and the battery cable, and got nothing. I've checked all of the connections, they appear to be solid. I have a fuse in-line between the battery and the amp. Could the fuse restrict the electrical flow in any way? I wouldn't think so, but I'm relatively new at this, so any help would be appreciated.
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