Class AB vs Class T


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I was wondering if anybody could tell me the difference between the two and wich is preferable.

D is best
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to run subs class D is best

Yes that's true, but class D is ONLY for subs because of the inherent distortion in class D amps (or that's what they say at least). But for more than two chanel amps you basicaly have class A, B, A/B and T.

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class T is really just a full range class D amplifier.
The best amplifiers for accuracy, hands down, are pure class-A.
They are also by far teh most inefficient, at only about 25% of their current draw actually making it to the speakers.
Class AB are about 60% efficient, and the next best thing for SQ.
This really applies to amps for any frequency range, be it subs or full range.
class D amps are popular for subs due to their high power outputs, high efficiency, and relatively cheap price per watt.
It's really nothing to do with sound quality or that class-D amps are "designed" for subs.. they just work best for subs because anything else would more readily reveal their design shortcomings.
Competitors using high current class-D amps in SPL events go through subs like a hooker goes through rubbers. They shred subs due to the massive amounts of distortion a class D amp produces at full output, but it gets these guys the SPL they need to win, and being sponsored, they get teh stuff for free anyway, so swapping out a $600 sub or six isn't a big deal.
Just stuff to keep in mind.

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I believe in sound quality, not spl, although a little power is required. Therefore anything less than high power AB is unnacceptable, unless we're talking about subs exclusively.
Just an opinion!
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