Cr-ppy amp or headunit....


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Username: Kaimana

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Registered: Feb-07
which is better to power my highs and mids??? im figuring shitty amp for friend gave me his old walmart brand amp for free and im wondering if it will make a difference....i should be gettin about 50 watts rms to will be powering my clarion src5736's..i can't wait for my other amp to get here so i think im gonna hook this one up for now....

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Username: Oleg

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hook it up for now, should be just a bit better than head unit. Then again, with those speakers...shouldn't matter much :-)

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Username: Kaimana

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Registered: Feb-07
i just hooked it up and its a lot louder.....and it doesnt distort at high levels now!!!!!woo hoo!!!!

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Username: •cam•

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Registered: Nov-06
haha thats awesome. walmart amp saves the day haha. thank god my nine.4 will be here next time i go to my dads. i've been running my ads 246 ix off my headunit for sooo long. i was so desperate I ran an extension cord out to my car and hooked up this old quadrophonic my friend's dad gave me. it doesn't seem to like bass though. it sounded better but everytime any bass hit it would distort when there wasn't bass it was clearer i could turn it up a lil more. then again it says 8 ohm min. and those are 4 ohm...
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