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can someone please tell me like the differences in ohm's its confusing me like 4 ohm and 2 ohm...thanks

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haha too long to explain really...more complicated than i even know, but if youre just lookin for how to wire different subs...go to rockford fosgate's website and use the woofer wiring wizard to see how you can wire up the subs.

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Ohms are a resistence, like a spring, but electrically not mechanically. The higher the ohms; the more resistence the load will have.

So, if a speaker is rated at 4 ohms, it will supply a given amount of resistence to the voltage coming in.

Now, a speaker rated at 2 ohms speaker will resist less, and therefore allow voltage to pass through easier.

This resistence affects the amp, not the speaker. A higher lower resistence will allow the amp to generate or push with more power. Thats why an amp will push out say 2000 watts at 1 ohm, or 1000 watts at 2 ohm, or 500 watts at 4 ohms, or 250 watts at 8 ohms. See how the higher resistence (ohms) chokes the amp?

Not all amps will advertise power the same. Some will double the wattage as resistence halves. Some amp manufacturers are not be as brave. They may advertise less to be on the safe side.

Hope this helps.


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Id like to add to this question if i may.

Does the different ohms if you wire it affect the sound? and in what way? and which way would you suggest?

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the idea is to wire your subs at an impedance that makes the most use of a given amp.

The primary differences in sound would simply be due to the power output at varying impedances of the amp being used.

Sound changes due strictly to varying impedances are subtle at most - not an issue dealing with several hundred to thousand watt (or more) sub amps.
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