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Username: Troy81

Tavernier, Fl Us

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Registered: Mar-06
ssx 15 vs DD 3515.... 2 in the same size box tuned the same, SQL?

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Username: Jblanford

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Registered: Oct-06
prolly the ssx if you can power it right...i think the 3515 will get loud with less power though

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Username: Safe_cracker

Chicago, IL US

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Registered: Jan-06
SSX is more compared to the 9515. Polo..

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Username: Cenus

Hicksville, Ohio

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Registered: Jan-05
the ssx needs 2500+wrms to get moving, the DD needs 1500wrms+ both will get very loud. under 2000wrms i'd say the DD will be louder but above 2500 i'd say the ssx.

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Username: Bestmankind

Fi Audio BTL

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Registered: Oct-05
ssx FTMFW and then some.

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Username: James1115

Use a simple...

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agreed with the rest^

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Username: Basshead86


Post Number: 9703
Registered: Aug-05

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Username: Adddisorder

West palm, Florida

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compleatly depends on how much power your going to run

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Username: B101


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Registered: Sep-05
SSX is louder... dont tell me a SSX isnt loud on 500rms!!

I know better... like Polo said its more compared to the 9500 not the 3500!!


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Username: Safe_cracker

Chicago, IL US

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Registered: Jan-06
I had my SSX on 1400+ and it was louder than my SX on the same power in the same enclosure using the very same amp. The difference was between a headache and a migrane... Polo. :-O

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Username: Imperial_designs

Lafayette, Louisiana

Post Number: 55
Registered: Oct-06
no way the SSX can kill the 3515, in fact im willing to bet that the 3515 would at least keep up for almost the half the cost....

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Username: Oglejust


Post Number: 676
Registered: Aug-06
both awesome subs but the ssx is prolly louder
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