MTX Amp problem - not shutting off


I installed an MTX amp a while back and have been very happy w/it, but a problem popped up recently. When I installed the amp, it would turn off when the vehicle was turned off. Now it stays on all the time. I checked the remote wire and everything is connected. Can you think of anything else it could be other than the remote wire?

where is your remote wire connected? to the headunit remote or to a "switched wire". In other words is it connected to the switched lead of your radio? If so it could very well be the ignition switch. Mine is wired the same way and it is faulty now causing the stereo to stay on even when the key is out of the ignition. This is just one of many things that it could be.

install a switch cause i had that same problem but i installed a switch to turn on and off the amp. just connect the remote wire to the switch and your set

i have a 99 gmc sonoma. and i have an stock cd player in it. I want to hook up an amp to it and i had everything hooked up except the remote wire. I can't figure out where to hook the remote wire to since there is no where to put it on the back of the head unit. if you could help me out it would realy be helpfuly
thank you

i need to hook up an on and off switch and my remote is hook into my fuse box i have a 600wt amp my maine wire is hoked up to my battery i just need to off at some times and my ground is hooked up to my seat

mike belanger
i have an amp i just got onley one proble no remote wire on my deck is there any other wire i can slice it into or , or hook it up to to make it work????

Use the accessory terminal under your dash. The amp will shut off when you remove your car key.
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