BM vs. JL w6v2


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Which would have better spl,sq,sql?

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SQ goes to the W6...b/c the BM is a ported box woofer...and will NEVER get as flat as a W6 in a sealed box.

SPL goes to the BM, like i said, it is a ported box woofer, and they get loud, go check out the ported box results on the 12" Challenge on ROE.

SQL....i am gonna go BM only b/c soooo many people compare it to the MAg on so many levels, minus the MAg's output, and the Mag scored higher in the Subjective SQ Challenge as well, but the BM came in after the you decide!:-)

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Well i thought i decided on 2 10" bms but i was gonna use a sealed enclosure but i guess thats a bad idea? Would they not sound good at all in a sealed box? Ive already got 1 12w6v2 in a ported box but i just want something differant.

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get a FI SSD, good SQ and more SPL, what do you think??

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i emailed Nick at Si. and this is EXACTLY what he wrote back to me...unadulterated:-)

here is what i wrote:


Hi Nick, this is "Muddy" from around the forums and i have a few
questions about the BM that Kevin Holden couldn't answer.

First of all, how would you compare the BM to the Mag?? SQ wise??

obvously it isn't as loud, but how would yu compare it to the Q? that is
a very important question to me, and i know you were there for the 12"
Challenge correct? please help me out here!!!!! :-)

also, i am wanting a .707 Qtc enclosure and i am working with ~900wRMS
and i was wondering with what box sizes a 10" and 12" BM would need to
be in to acheive those figures?

Thanks for all the help, and don't stop making a solid product!!

here is what he wrote:



BM and Mag's sound somewhat similar in the proper alignments for
each sub. By that, I mean ported. In a decent sized enclosure tuned
into the low 30's the BM's have a very similar sound compared to a Mag
ported in the same box. The Mag, of course, will slaughter a BM in
output below 40 Hz...but it should - it costs twice as much as a BM

The BM and the Q are basically in the same boat SQ wise. I'm
not saying that they sound like the same speaker, but SQ wise they are
close. Take a look at Jim's comments in the Great 12" Challenge.

And since you mentioned a .707 (which is only on paper, BTW) you
are going sealed. If you're going sealed, I suggest looking into other
drivers besides the BM's. The BM's need to be ported. The SQ section
of the Great 12" Challenge was done ported and the BM's sound phenomenal
ported. They are still super-tight, dive low, and have plenty of

Getting back to the .707, a BM 12 only needs 0.8 cubes to reach
a .707. However, even though it only technically needs that much to
reach the coveted .707, it will sound like poo compared to the sub being
in a 1.5 cube sealed box. Keep in mind that T/S's are only there to
give you a super rough general idea about enclosure size.

:-( lol

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1 12 or 1 15 inch Mag. costs the same as 2 10 inch BMs and will slam and sound good sealed. oh, same power too.

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i agree:-)

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i agree with juliob, try the ssd. email scott and i can guarentee you he will hook you up with a good price on a pair of prototypes if he still has them. he quoted me a verrry nice price on some 10's.
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