3 amps 1 remote wire question


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I have 3 wires and 1 remote turn on wire. I heard somewhere, forgot where, that I need a relay? anyone done this, I really don't want to run one wire from one amp to the next, I want a safe efficient method. If so, what kind of relay, thanks.

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Just a Bosch 12 volt 4 or 5 contact relay is all you'll need.

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where do you run the remote wire to? the back of the deck or is there a better place when the key is turned?

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you can pick up a relay at your local Radio Shack or on partsexpress. i've just used the REM lead and split it into 3 leads to turn on 3 amps back when i had my all JL system and had no problems.

the remote wire comes from the back of the HU and goes to each amp to turn it on when the system turns on. its best to use the HU's REM wire but you can hook run it from a switched ACC slot on your fuse box instead.

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i have a relay runnibg both of my hifonics amps and it does fine but i never really noticed a difference from straight wire being splicedd 3 times to running a relay but people say it is good to use a relay, something about smoother turnon is what i heard but i did not really notice a difference?

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JL with a remote turn on? I thought JL had auto-sensing signal inputs so the amp would turn on automatically?

Does it still have the REM?

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Thing about running a wire back to multiple amps, is you can blow the remote output on your deck, it's not meant to handle much power output at all.

What I do (but I have my neon lighting, and six amplifiers on mine) is use a simple switch, from a 12v source, (switch is permanent in my console now, drilled a hole for it) then run the output from it back to a dist block to everything that needs the remote turnon.

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Relay. After you buy one, look here to wire it.


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ok then on 87 you can run mulitple wires off of it?

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Yes, i had the SSX 1500's, the 75.4, the 75.2, and the voltage gauges power, from that very same source.

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that pic is very useful renegadesrun gonna have to save that on my HD lol.

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nice diagram
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