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So I got a 85 Audi 4000 s, a XM1652Z, a CP4CKDS-06 and the XSL123P5B (I know its not the best set up, forgive me) Also, I got a better amp so thats why the kit is only 800... thats it. I'm using my iPod with a RCA to 1/8" (for testing till I get faceplate) I used the + from channel one and the - from channel 2 (like instructions said to)

Summary input iPod, speaker = ch 1 + & ch2 -, +12v battery, ground song screw in trunk. And I get nothing. I don't know what the hell I am doing. Do I need an alternator, does toes iPod work enough to tell speakers function and what the hell is the REM terminal? Yes, the fuses are fine. I am I just under-powering my amp or what... my amp doesn't show indication of being on.

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the REM terminal would pretty much be your problem at the moment. REM is short for Remote. Commonly known as the remote turn on wire.

Since you dont have a headunit at the moment, so it seems, you'll have to tap into a wire.

You'll need a "switched accessory" wire. A wire that is only "hot" when the ignition is turned on.

When you get your aftermarket radio it'll be the blue/white wire you'll tap into on the new radio's harness.

If you need something for the time being, you could run a wire from the positive of the cigarette lighter plug to the amp, that should work to get you by.

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my cigg lighter is always on..........lol
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