Can multi channel amp work?


I have a few questions about wiring my Cerwin Vega HED sub. It's dvc (4 ohms per coil) 150W RMS and i have a pair of rear speakers (4 ohms 120W). i need advice on connecting all speakers and an appropiate amp

1) i think a dvc sub can be run maybe 3 different ways? connect both coils in series (8 ohm impedance) or both coils in parallel (2 ohm) or connect coils separately in stereo (4 ohm). is that correct?

2) is it ok to connect the sub (at either 2 or 8 oms) with different impedance speakers (rears at 4 ohm) to a multichannel amp? if i do, does that mean that lower impedance speaker will draw all of the signal? or most of it? or so much signal/current draw that the higher impedance speaker will produce almost no sound?

2) i was thinking that a 2 channel, tri-mode amp with built in crossovers (like a kicker zr210, jvc xa2125, lanzar vibe210,...) could give me the versatility i was hoping for? i could bridge the 2 channels for the sub and still use the individual channels to power the rear speakers. any thoughts to that? & would i still need as much filtration if the amp has built in crossovers??

3) or maybe use a bridgeable, 4 channel amp for 3 channels: run rears on channels 1 & 2; bridge 3&4 and run sub on that. any thoughts?

please help & thanks,

1 ohm load or 4 ohm load

only possibiblities

no, different impedence loads on different channels do not make a difference but i would
recommend getting a seperate amp for your subs as you will get better sound and more power from a mono amp.

get a JBL 300.1 and a US amps USB4065, it will run you fairly cheap and will give you more power with better results. 2 amps is always better than one, and doesnt necisarily always have to cost a lot. both those amps run fairly cheap on ebay and on or

deggone!! helluva website! thanks for the reference derek! . cost is not the only consideration for a single although #1, the other is space limitation and wanting to minimize amount of wiring towards that end anysuggestions on inexpensive multichannel unit? i've seen lanzar, pyle, and a few other 4 channel units that can be bridged for 3 channels that go for less than $125. any thoughts on these brands? or know similar?

lanzar is questionable, pyle is crap. look on ebay or etronics again for the JBL p80.4, if you are set on getting a multi-channel amp, thats the one you can get for the best price.

no problem kgj, if you have any more questions check out the forum i am a helper on

there you can get all the help you will ever need in anything car audio or car electronics.

thanks again for your help. yeah i definitely want a single, multi-channel (2 or 4?) amp if that is the way to give me the flexibility i want.

u ever tried ubid for parts? i think they're pretty good too.
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