Running new wire for door speakers in 96 Integra GSR


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Has anyone successfully run new wire in an Integra GSR 94+ door panels (2). in the door there is what looks to be a harness that has the wires comming from it. I cannot run the new speaker wire through the holes provided. Any advice on how to avoid the harness? or how to run the new speaker wire period. Input is most appreciated!

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Just drill carfully through the door above the door wiring harness. If you want pics of what I did, email me at The pictures will help you...


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after that, use wire gromets to plug the holes, painting around the drilled areas with rust resistant paint, and sue wire looming to protect teh wires themselves.

I need to do that with the Tiburon when I put teh vertical door mod on, to extend the harnesses for the doors.

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Please please please don't drill through your door!! I realize in some cases this may be impossible to avoid but this isn't one of those cases. I have a '96 Integra and just finished doing exactly this last weekend.

Disconnect the 'molex' plug that connects all the wiring from the car to your door and have a good look into it (there's a release catch at the top under the rubber boot). There's tons of space in there (especially in our 2 door models) to drill out a hole for your speaker wire. VERY CAREFULLY, starting with a small bit, drill through the plug itself. Work up slowly in bit size until your wire slides thru fairly easily (I had to work up to a 7/32" hole for my 14ga). Don't slip while drilling!!!

Once your done with the car side, you'll have to tackle the door side, just push at the bottom of the door side of the plug and push it back, it'll pop out into the door. There's enough slack to pull it through the speaker opening and repeat the process so the holes line up (I had the entire door lining removed).

Please don't hesitate to email me, I can supply you with pictures and step-by-step instructions of this. Running the wire is finicky and a bit of a knuckle buster but it can be done.

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