Different impedances on amp?


i need advice on connecting 3 speakers to an amp.

i've got a dvc sub (4 ohms per coil 150W RMS) and a pair of rear speakers (4 ohms 120W each).

1) can i use a bridgeable 2 channel amp and run the rear speakers on the separate channels and then bridge those same 2 channels and connect the sub (either in series for 8 ohm load or in parallel for a 2 ohm load)?

2) can i use a bridgeable 4-channel amp in a similar way? run the two rears off 2 channels and bridge the other remaining 2 channels for my sub which will present a different load/impedance.

guess my concern is whether or not tri-mode capable amps can be run this way (with different speaker impedances & bridged)??


can anyone help me on this??
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