Old amp no power


I have an old Alpine amp I hooked it up right but am not getting much power to my subs. Could my small preout wires be to blame? or could it be that I do not have the amp grounded quite right?

It is probably that you have not grounded your amp, correctly. You probably want to make sure there is a good ground or you could damage your head unit.

or maybe it's a 5-watt amp?

is it ture that if you dont have a good ground it will mess your amp up,if so how do you know forsure if you have a good ground or not

You can test you ground by using a voltmeter and measure the voltage between the amps "-" terminal and the chassis while it is running (it should be as close to zero as possible) and the i would suggest that you measure between the amps "-" & "+" terminals with the amp running and it should read as close as possible to the voltage that you read accross the battery terminals once again this is done with the amplifier running.
It is best to test these voltages while the volume is turned up a fair way to make the measurements easier....

how much does a volt meter cost and do you know by any chance where to buy one

Without knowing which country you are in i couldn't even guess just look for someone who sell electronic test gear or electronic hobbyists type stores or hardware stores or somewhere that sells car parts or somewhere that sells electrical supplies and ask for a multimeter....
Hope this helps you some, if you get one and are unsure how to drive it just ask....

i live in the u.s man it seems like just when i thought i bought everything i have to go out and buy something else,by the way do you know what a capacitor does or how its used i dont know if i need one or not all i have is a 1000w sony xplod but it only puts like 200 rms or something like that.thanks alot man
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