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okay, i've been having major trouble with my car stereo since i got it. the remote wire was running from my amp, directly to my always on wire. i had best buy install it (big mistake) simply because i didnt want to deal with the hassle of running the wires, and now i dont know what to do. anyway, the problem is, i'll have best buy fix it, it'll work fine, and then my rear defog/radio fuse will blow. tried using high amp fuses, and no dice. so where can i wire it, or how can i bypass it?? any advice would be great

You really want a remote wire or else you may run the risk of having your amp on all the time. It won't take long to drain the battery this way.
Try wiring the "remote" on the amp to an ignition wire, or some other source that only comes on once the car is running.
If the fuse is blowing, the wires may be grounding out on something. If you want to bypass it, wire the amp to an "always-on" wire and then wire an in-line switch so that you control the amp's power--on or off--by yourself via the siwtch.
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