2 Amplifiers 1 Preout


I need some help here. I was wondering if 2 amps can be run from a head unit that only has 1 preout.

I have a Earthquake 250tx which i want to use to power my subs, and a cheap jackson amp which i want to use to power my 6*9 speakers. I have a sony XRC5300R which only has one preout. Can this be done, and if it can how do you do it?


hey man no problem just get a two way electronic cross over which lets you plug in one set of r.c.a. jacks with 2 out puts, 1 for highs and the other for lows and all you have to do is adjust the setings for your lows 50hz-180hz and highs 2k-200k.

nice one man. are these crossovers expensive, and do they differ in quality or are they all the same, basically should i go for an expensive one or will a cheap one do the job

usman, check out www.audio-warehouse.com for a decent deal on crossovers. Look for one that has rotary adjustment knobs instead of slide switches...more flexability. I use a Pyramid and it works great, Legacy (pyramid relabeled) has just what you need: http://www.audio-warehouse.com/detail.asp?mdl=LXR4

good luck!
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