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I've never really considered getting subs for my truck because I have very little room to fit them, but the other day I was shoping around and I found a pair of 250W 12" Thump Subs for $14.99/ea (and thats Canadian $$ too :S). I figured those are the cheapest subs I've ever seen, so I bought them. I installed them (without an amp, since I dont have one right now) and they sound fine

how do Thump subs compare to others? (keep in mind I only paid about $40 for two lol)

and my second question, what are all the advantages of putting them in an enclosure? (all I can think of is protecting them, but then why are there so many different types of boxes?)


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wow....on so many levels...

lol ok if you only have $40 for two, you need to save some money...seriously, if you want something that sounds good, you'll need to pay some cash for one

thump subs are crap, just to let you know - id rather run a 4x6 pioneer speaker, probly get more bass from it too than a $9 thump sub...

running free air (without enclosure) is not really a good idea, and sound crappy for the most part, and especially when you get to higher end subs, you'll want a nice sealed box or a low tuned ported box to sound good

actually, i dont spend much money out og my paychecks, the problem is I have too much $$ to throw around lol

I just bought them because they were cheap, I wanted to see how good they were

thanks for the heads up tho

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You mean you "installed" by throwing them in the back of your pickup and hooking some wires to it?
Holy Cow Man!

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the sub enclosures act as acoustic suspension.
not protection.

the head unit does NOT put out power sufficient for the speakers you have. you need to look at getting an amplifier for them. period.
you'll end up destroying both the radio and the speakers otherwise.

read that site. please.

the company "Thump" is lousy so be glad you didn't spend anything more than you did for them at least, but if you install them in a proper box, with proper power, the increase in sound quality and performance will be ten times better.

i didnt just attach wires to them and throw them in the back, they're in enclosures, and properly wired

all I know is they sound better than the rear speakers I had in there

and why would it destroy the reciever?

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clipping, and the radio isn't designed to drive speakers that large. you're overworking the amplifier in the head unit.

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why dont u just get a speaker..subs aren't made for that.lol..change it back!
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