My car exploded last night


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Actually, my car is fine. I just wanted to grab your attention...

I'll try to keep this to the point. I've got an '03 maxima w/o bose, and therefore would like to upgrade. I'm wanting very clean SQ. Screw SPL and stopping my grandmother's pace maker. I'm 25 now and can care less about whether I wake up the neighborhood or not. No probelms if that's your gig, it's just not mine. Here's my thought...New component system up front. $150--maybe polk, infinity, or something in that range. The tweets go in the windshield and mids in the doors. I want to put one 12 in a sealed box in the trunk. Again, this sub is to fill the music, not blow my head off. For $170, the Infinity Kappa Perfect has caught my eye. Do I need two separate amps (one for the front and one for the subs) or a 4-channel amp or what? Any good recommendations? And I want to keep the factory head because I want it all to look clean and traditional. So my question is about the amp.

1 big amp is great by me, but I hate to get into capacitators, etc. Any other comments about the brands and components are welcome, too.

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So you're wanting 1 comp set and 1 sub? If you got a 4 channel amp, you can generally use the front two channels to run your comps, then bridge the rear two and run your sub off them.
No need for capacitors, the only thing you would need would be a high output alternator, but it doesn't look like you'll be needing that either. Unless you're looking to put a huge amp in there, which it doesn't seem like from your post, you won't need anything but your wire, subs, comps, amp and RCAs.
Also for your factory HU, you'll need to grab some LOCs.

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And I better see some pics of your car on fire before you reply to my post. haha
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