Power acoustik subs ?


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does anyone know anything about power acoustik FUBR subwoofers? if so how many DB's will 2 12's give me in a mid sized ext cab truck ? thanks

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Power Acoustic FUBR12 / 1800W max / magnet weight 200oz / voice coil 2" / SPL 91db each // I have them @ $70 NIB

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so what subs and amps would i need to reach 200 db's ?

try 15 15 inch brahma subs and dont intend on using ur bed in ur truck anymore fill the cab with as many will fit and power them with a shitload of amps and see if u can do any better than the best competitors at comps cuz i dont believe anyone has ever hit 200db especially on the new mics also dont waste ur time on fubrs the name says enough besides they sound like as$

( i dont think ur going to hit 200db basically... good luck on a sweet system tho)

NO SUBS WILL REACH 200dB, Roger!!!
its against physics to hit 200 dB!!!

record setting SPL scores are around 175db, if you want to get high SPL you can't just slap some subs and amps in and think your gonna get truly high SPL!!!

if you want high SPL, most likly higher than you've ever heard, get two JL W7 13.5's and two JL 1000/1 amps. put the W7's in vented boxes and get at least a 225A alternator and some Optima deep cycle batteries!!!

that will get you in an SPL range of 155dB+.

by the way...it's gonna cost you...
even if you get you're stuff on Ebay

W7 13.5's are about $400 each

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thanks for the info. So how much would the amps, batteries, and subs cost all together?

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about $2800-3500 for the subs and amp if you build your own box then parts willn't be more than $100. and the batteries and wiring will probably run you another $450 if you get 4 optima batteries. 2 for each amp. also as a comparision 180 db is the equivilent shockwave of 10 pounds of TNT at 10 feet. thats a huge amount of power. when you get into the supper spl your litterally creating a dangerous shockwave just like a bomb.

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the highest recorded record is 174.4 dB and that was with 35,000w rms and 64 subwoofers

"Coming off of two championships at the 1997 USAC and IASCA finals, Jeff upped his best score of 168.2 dB in Greenville, in an a unprecedented exhibition, to a blistering 171.3 dB. While finishing second overall to the unlimited class champion Alma Gates and her 64 woofer, 45,000 watt, vacuum sealed monster, Jeff's impressive 171.3 dB was just a scant 0.9 dB behind Alma's world record of 172.2 dB with only 12 Stroker 15D2's and 7200 Watts of power."

thats a clip from the news a while ago....impressive those strokers are eh?

a shuttle taking off reaches 200 dB and as glasswolf explained to me, it is only possible due to the physical alterations of extreme heat at ground zero

85+ dB can make you have permenant hearing loss
around 160 dB the pressure is great enough as to where it becomes hard to breath and the pressure can stop your heart in the 170's

decibal scale is not linear, but for every 10 dB's is double the sound and tenfold the power

if you double the power it is merely +3 dB

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im sorry i wasnt thinking in the begining part...lol

ignore the begining of my last post lol

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so if i put 1000$ in subs and amps in a JL audio system how would it sound ? (# of subs and amps) thanks

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whats better a 12 inch cerwin vega stroker or a 13 JL W7 ?

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the 35,ooow or so stated earlier was false. to my belief. do you know what a certain vehicles charging sysetem would have to make to prouce the power that is needed. You could run hydralics on five vehicles, 14 bateries each, to match that power needed. i personally run 4 1500w kicker amps, and 4 18" kicker monsters in the back, on a thied gen camaro. Tight fit! Im running two 220 alternators and two optima batteries, and can only spl test for 1 or two minutes, all checked by an ase certified installer, that still doesn't know why. I make 157db and have to tie my hatch shut.

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highest spl i have ever read about was like 177.3 from a guy using a bunch of kicker L7's and a huge load of kx1200 amps. at 180 db's ur heart will stop pumping, u cant reach 200db's, its impossible. remember, at just 120db's perminent damage to ur hearing can occur.

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at 100 dBs perm hearing damage can occur..

highest SPL ive heard to date wat 4 18" cerwin vega strokers, 175.4 dB

thats freakin nuts.....

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Would 1 15in poweracoustik FUBR (2000 watt max) in vented box at 4.00 cu ft. with a 3000 watt PA amp sound good in a blazer.
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