Biggest and worst tickets/ticket evations/ticket stories


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A friend of mine got caught doing 170kph in an 80kph (about 105/106mph in a 50mph). He got 6 cops on him, im assuming it was a speed trap with that many close. He ended up with a $1500 ticket but his parents decided to take his licence for a month or two. That was it. He drive around all the time.

Another friend got her dads Lexus SC430 convertable. This car is rather expensive. It was a dealer car. She picks me up, we drive around and a cop sees me moving around in the car. He pulls us over gives me a lecture and explains to be I could get nailed for reckless endangerment and get fined for $2000 and say goodbye to my licence for a while. I got off with a $110 ticket for not wearing my seatbelt. Lesson learned.

Turns out the car we were riding in had improper insurance (a card from 2001), bogus dealer plates and she was using a dealer car illegally*. This was not her fault however. Turns out this can get the plates stripped right there, have the wehicle impounded, give the driver a $5000 fine and take her licence for two years and go to court and plead to them to give it back after the 2 years is up. Got off with a $65 misplaced insurance card ticket. And still got to drive home just as we were before.

It would be nice to see if anyone could top these ticket evation stories.

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My car used to be a police car...Crown Victoria. I have never been pulled over even though I've done some dumb things. haha I still see people put on their seatbelts when I drive by and some cops wave at me.

My father used to have an ex-police car as well, except it had the front bumper guard, spotlight, antennas...everything. He was in another state doing 120mph in a 75mph zone and a cop hit him straight on with the radar gun. The cop came over and said "I don't know about how you cops drive in your state, but here we obey the limits" and let him off like he was just another cop! Probably doesn't top your story, but it's something haha. One of the reasons why our state doesn't sell ex-police cars to the public anymore...

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thats hiliiours i want to buy a police car lol

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My grandad was a deputy in Ga from 62-77, In 1969 he pulled over a 69 429 Cobra jet at a certified 155, he was driving a 68 Fury II police interceptor, I was 11 years old and sitting in the front seat. It cost the guy 300 and 6 months in the pokie. Bias belted tires, no power brakes, no seat belts and no power steering( he didn't believe in extras,if Petty didn't use it, he didn't either)

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lol i got pulled over for doing 103 in a 55 in a mini van no insurance n out past curfew lol she gave me a verbal warinig told me to go home

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im under 18 n in ohio you have 2 be in by 1 or have your parent with you

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damn thats nuts... I mean when i was under 18 i probally wasnt out that late anyway but thats still crazy that ur not allowed to be

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i used to have a 98 camaro ss, anyways one night at about 2am me and my buddy were doing donuts in an empty parking lot.. cop came i tried to run but he cornered me, i guess he was in a good mood because he just gave me a good 10 minute yelling at... running and that reckless driving charge is up there with a DUI as far as points on your record.. i would call that lucky...

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My friend was doing 148 in a 40 mph zone, got caught and ended up with 24 points off his license, 6 months with a suspened license and a fine well over $1000. And the only thing he complained about is that the cop never actually clocked him because he couldn't keep up. haha

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It was about 2am and me and my wife were feelin a little bored, so we took our cars out to the other side of town where there are good straightaways. We pulled up to a stoplight, green means go and we took off. We got up to about 180mph when a police charger came flying at us, pulled us over, and the cop got out of his car, walked up to us and kindly says "Damn that was fast! Mind showin me what you have under there?" So we popped our hoods to show him what we got (we both drive custom built eclipses) and he just said take 'er easy and left. Idk how much the fine for that is, I'm sure up in the thousands... It was only a 30mph zone. :-)

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I live in Alberta Canada and some years ago I was driving late at night after working and driving all day. The radar detector went off laser but being tired I ignored it and he hit me again with laser. Lo and behold the red and blue showed up in my rear view. He came up to the car and said "do you know you were going 123 in a 100 zone?" Well duh I knew I was speeding so he gave me a ticket for 118 kph which put me in a lower category. About a year later I was driving on a road that had nothing but trees on each side for 200 kilometers. Traffic wasn't too heavy so I was booting along at about 135 to 140 kph. I was rounding a corner when I saw some cars and people standing on a little side road totally out of the ordinary so I let off the throttle and let it coast. As soon as I was on the straight my detector went off Laser, I immediately hit the brakes brought it down under 100 kliks boom laser again. They pulled me over when he came up to the car he said they were not going to give me a ticket but he wanted to see my paper work. They took an extra long time to check every thing to make sure a lot of cars got ahead of me. When he brought my licence and everything back and gave it to me he asked me how fast I was really going. I told him I was going about 120 and he said yes we had you at 124. So what I figured out from this is up here if they are using laser they have to get two readings over the limit before they can give give you a ticket. So radar detectors do work if you pay attention to them.

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I was 20? On a Honda Magna V30. (500cc). It was considered the "Baby Magna" since there were two other models of that time frame. The V45 and the V65. Obviously anyone familiar with these bikes know how fast they are. I was young and travelling to Havre de grace MA visiting a friend. Driving down I95 and low and behold this Honda Prelude comes up along side me. We play a bit in speed back and forth on the highway and when a nice stretch of straight highway comes across us we nail it. I mean even though I was on a 1/2 liter bike with little chance of beating him in the long run we go at it. He plays with me and I play with him back. After all I was so young and indestructible right? I had him at first, my bike's throttle full and screaming through the gears. I see 120 mph, then 125, I had to pull back. Had I owned the V45 or even the V65 it wouldn't had been a race but a joke. HOWEVER, seeing as we are fairly matched we barrel down the highway at 120+ mph. Then we both see the MA cop stand out in the road, pulling us both over. He was using the helicopter above us both to use the VASCAR method of speed control.

I was pizzed. But it didn't involve any state to state transfer of insurance info so it only cost me like a $100 ticket.

Had I owned the V65 Magna? Not only would I have paid more for the fine but I might also been able to avoid it all since no cop car was designed at the time to travel at those speeds. Even today I see superbikes just blow past traffic and all cops in pursuit as well. What can you do?

It was a Crazy experience at the time because I had to explain my ticket to my parents, yet the adrenalin was simply too hard to deny. No it's not the 200 mph chase scenes you see on Youtube but hey, it was MY moment.

Maybe it's a mid-life crisis kinda thing but I always wanted a $15K+ superbike to play with. Just to see what the thrill was all about. To mix true cycle experience with the awesome power these bikes of today provide. To roll around a car in 2nd gear and pop the clutch and pull a power wheelie, pulling past everyone in full confidence. The G forces pulling at everything, the adrenaline flowing. The love of the bike. It MUST be awesome. I only wish I can someday experience.
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