Battery or Capacitor?


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I recently hooked up two MTX 12s running off a 800 watt amp. This was on top of my previous 2 MTX 10s with a 1000watt amp. The first two days of use I had no problems. I did notice at night my lights would dim as the bass would hit. Now my amps barely come on and the subs barely put out any sound. I was wondering what could cause this? I know I'm drawing quite a bit of current and perhaps the old battery could not handle this. I could try a new battery or try getting a capacitor. I do have a new alternator but I am unsure of how much it puts out. Would it be a good idea to add a second battery? I'm up for any fix as long as I can hear some thump once again.

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If it once had power, and lots of it, and now doesnt id probably check to make sure both the battery and alternator are functioning properly. i had a capaciter and it takes care of the light dimming problem pretty much. Im not a professional, but im pretty sure if the power if fading it would be either the alt/ or battery.

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If your system is not even powering up, or having a hard time powering up, it sounds like there is something wrong with either your alternator or your battery. When you are not pounding your system, your alternator should be charging everything back up.

Take your car to a GOOD local auto shop and have them run a alternator/battery diagnostic test. 99% of shops will not charge you for this. This will also tell you what your alternator is ACTUALLY putting out, not just what it is rated at.

If the problem is that your system is just drawing too much power, your best bet would be an aftermarket HO alternator. Ohio Generators, and stinger make excellent alt's. Second should be a second deep-cycle battery with an isolator.

Caps are only for very quick dips in voltage, just to stabalize the power. Not a fix for not enough power.

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Your alternator maybe new, but is it a HO alternator cause it sounds like your battery isn't getting charged fast enough.

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Yeah, the battery is quite old. So old I do not even know when it was made.. lol. It starts the car fine but maybe the draw is still too much on it. I'll go get everything checked out tomorrow after work. If it is the battery or alternator which would be the best to get? What size alternator? I was looking at the Optima Yellow Top. Are there any better suggestions?
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