Right subs and speakers for the right amps????


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Right need some major help!, i have just bought a full system for my car it consists of 4x 200 watt 6x9's and 2 x 12 inch Subs(350 watt each), i have 2 amps to do a job each(1 on sub, 1 on speakers), the amps i have are Toxic TX-1500n(2 channel) and Toxic TX-1600n(4 channel) the fuse in the 1500 is 40 and the fuses in the 1600 are 2x 30! im guna hook the 1500 to the subs and the 1600 to the 6x9's will this set up be ok or not? let me no cause i havent installed it yet but i already know that the amps i hav got wont put out the wattage there claimed to plzzzz help will they blow my subs and speakers or will they be perfect or crap plz help have i got a gud setup or bad one?

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your amps are way to high for those speaker/subs/ but your answer is Yes it will work, all you have to do is keep the gain down,
On the other hand get 2 subs rated at 700-750 rms, OR get two more of the same subs and hook that up with the 1500 watt amp. The speakers, if you wanted to could be up to 400 watts, which is a lot for speakers, but i would get better or more subs for sure if i "was" you

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Remember, that Volume and Gain are two different things. Even if the Volume is low, you still dont want the gain up to high. (From Experience) turn your stereo up at a comfortable everyday use level, and then mess with your gain untill it sounds just right. *make sure the gain is all the way down before you UP your volume haha, i didnt do that one time, and my subs started to smell reallly bad

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thats because you almost cooked one of your vc's
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