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I'm new to this insane world of subwoofers. My son recently came home with 2400W Subwoofer "box type thing", and a 1000W Amp, asking for me to help him install this.

Because his standard radio in the car has no RCA connector, I asked around which channels I should connect. I ended up using the rear, left and right channels in parallel with the current rear speakers.... Is this correct?

Also when I finally connected the radio to the amp, it went into "protection" mode (I don't blame it), so I'm thinking the radio may be overdriving the amp. (There is no other amp in the system).

Just for a test, I connected my tiny little iPod Shuffle to this beastly amp, the the Subwoofers worked just fine.

Is it possible that the radio is overdriving my amp input? Also should I be using cross-overs or filters or something between the radio and amp???

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I have an '03 Mazda6, and can't change the head unit because of the new age console that doenst allow any modifications without major work. So I went ahead and got a line out convertor (LOC, takes speaker wire signal and converts it to RCA female connection), took the signal from the rear channels (in parallel) and the rcas from the lineout to the amp. Not sure if thats what you did, because I haven't seen many amps without rca. But you didn't mention a lineout, so I wasn't sure. My setup works fine.

Good luck!

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you're gonna need to connect a line out converter to your factory unit in order to connect the RCA's. You also may want to consider having a professional do this, i'm not trying to put you down or anything, its just kinda complicated, frankly it may just be worth the trouble to get an aftermarket headunit as well...

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professional install for a lineout? just do exactly what you did, take the pos and neg leads from rear right channel and connect them to the +, - connections for the right channel and do same for the left rear. then hook up your rcas from the lineout to your amp...
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