Is this noise normal???


I have a Stinger 1 farad capacitor on my system in my camaro. On my digital display screen it normally reads anywhere from 13-15 volts which is normal.I noticed, when it is a really cold morning my voltage will read 3-5 volts and will set off my low voltage alarm, which is very annoying, but once it warms up during the day, it goes back to normal. Also when i dont crank my car up for awhile (due to having another vehicle) itll do the same, does anyone know if this is normal or whats wrong???

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yeah thats normal its just that your battery is low cuz after u warm it up your altinator starts to charge it up again... your battery just is getting to old and cant keep its charge as good as it could before

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It might be wise to upgrade your battery if u havent done so already.

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My voltage meter in my car for my battery, says is still has a good charge, even in the morning when its cold. Do i still need a new battery??? And if so, do you guys receommend a yellowtop???

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Its really hard to tell if its your battery or if its just the cold...seeing as you dont start the car everyday you're battery gets cold...I live in Connecticut and i know what a cold morning feels like, on those mornings just turn your car on a litle before you have to leave and allow it to warm up, keep you stereo off and it should be fine to use when your cars been warmed up...cold hurts stuff...

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appreciate it Jeff
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