How do you hook up one amp to Subs, but another amp to speakers?


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I own 2 12" subs in a bandpass, i want to know how do you hook the four other car speakers to an amp (since im buying a new one for the subs). I've seen diagrams but they make no F'in sense. any help please?!

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The other 4 speakers should already be connected to the head unit but if you want to hook it up to an amp than so be it. I'm assuming there factory speakers (preety crappy) so your going to need a nice cheap amp DONT go out and buy a $500.00 amp I would even reccomed a Sony 4ch amp. Mount the amp either in the boot or under the passanger seat wire it as the manual says (usually ground to - terminal on battery and remote to ignition and +12v to + terminal on battery) run the speaker wire to the amp + to + and - to -. Hope this is understandable enough Good Luck.

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ok and now for some more sensical help.

you first need a head unit that offers 3 pairs of RCA pre-outs (front/rear/sub) or one set of pre-outs that you can run to an external electronic crossover from a company like coustic or audiocontrol.

from there, you use a 4 channel amp (try to use reliable equipment) to run the front left and right, and rear left and right speakers. one speaker or component set per channel.

use a separate amp from the head unit or crossover to run the subs.

the head unit, crossover, or amplifiers will provide crossovers to separate the frequencies that each speaker will receive so that subs get everything <80hz>80Hz.

anything still unclear?

regarding matt's commentary:
don't assume things like that. He may have aftermarket speakers, or may upgrade along with the 4 channel amp.
where he mounts the amp will depend on the vehicle, and getting good air flow for the amp to prevent heat problems.
never EVER ground an amplifier to the negative battery terminal. Ever.
yu ground the amp to bare chassis metal within 24" of the amplifier, keeping the ground cable as short as possible, and the same gauge as the positive power line that's fused and run to the positive battery terminal.

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hay thats how my manual said to do it.
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