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do you think 3 12W7s with a 500/1 each in a ported box or 3 12W7s with a 1000/1 each in a sealed box would be louder? jsu a thought let me kno what ya think thanks

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The 1000/1's will be louder! But they are only rated for 500 watt's each, and that is doubling the rms. I'm pretty sure they can handle it, but I think it voied's the worenty though.

the 12W7 is rated at 750 RMS ... and JL actually recommends the 500/1 OR the 1000/1 ... so im sure if JL recommends it then the sub can handle it... and also the 1000 watts pushes it to inbetween optimum and danger... it does not reach waranty void until 1500-3000 watts RMS.. and yes... they actually can handle 3000W! its crazy but they can...although there is a pretty decent chance you could blow them thats why 3000w is a waranty void... i think JL just needs to make a 750/1 lol but thanks taylor .. any1 else got experience with this?

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the 1000/1 is the amp for that sub. Yes you can use the 500/1 but that is more to power a w6v2, or 2-w3v2's Yes it will power the w7 but not like the 1000/1. If you have the money go with it.

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to answer the question, the first option will be louder. even though you are using half the power the ported box will make up for that.
the 3 12w7s in the ported box will probably be 3-4 dBs louder than the seadled
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