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I am going to buy a couple of 15 inch 2ohm type r subs, and an audiobahn a8000t amp to power them. I have a 95 accord and I was just wondering if I am going to need a H/O alternator to power that amp? If the answer is yes, than is there a cheaper way to power that amp, other than a h/o alt? I was also wondering what a capacitor does? I always thought that if you had a capacitor than you don't need a bigger alt, but I was told that that was not true? So what does it do? Do I need one? Thank you for your time.

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I want go into great detail about this until you find out what you are going to do or need. I would go one of two ways. First you need to find out how many amps your alternator puts out. Then find out how many amps the audiobahn a8000t will pull from the battery. Or hook it up and see you may not need to do anything.

You can install a battery just for the amp. You will have to recharge the battery often or run it back to the alternator to make it charge. I don't know if this will be cheaper than the alternator upgrade. It would be harder I would think.

My understanding is the capacitor stores power from the battery until the amp needs it. Here is some stuff I got off the net.

A capacitor serves to smooth the voltage fluctuations associated with transient current draw. As a result, the supply voltage presented to the amp during peak demands tends to be slightly higher than without the capacitor. For most amplifiers, this will increase the power output of the amplifier during transients.
To illustrate, if you consider an amplifier that delivers 100 watts at 14v and 80 watts at 12v (these numbers are somewhat typical), the difference in output from the speaker will be at best 1 dB when the supply voltage fluctuates from 14v to 12v. However, when you take into account the fact that no practical amount of capacitance can completely eliminate this voltage drop during transients, the difference in output becomes even less pronounced.

I am terrible with problem solving and math. I am very sory and do not want to be a pain in the neck, but has anyone had this same problem and figured out if this amp will work in a car like this, without the alternator going? Sorry for the trouble, and thank you for responding!!!
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