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Hello all,
I cant take the factory Bose anymore. I have a '93 Corvette, so space is an issue. I would like to have a quality sound system. Doesn't have to be name brand stuff. I dont want to hear any background noise in the speakers from the amps during a break in the songs though. I'm good w/ getting some older good stuff too (eBay). I'd like nice components in the front, sub(s) in the back w/ amps front and rear. I don't need a DVD player or anything that would hit the shifter when it opens. I listen to rock, 80's (lol), some country and some old school rap. Like everyone else I'm sure, I want it to hit. I'm willing to spend $3500 give or take for everything, w/ room for improvements later. I hope that is enough, but let me know. I've been out of the game for 10 yrs. So you may need to fill me in.

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Here's a list of the top brand's. Jl audio, Eclipse, Re, Adire and I'am sure I am forgeting a few others. With that much money I well let sumone else point you in the right direction, but they will probubly say a pare of Re x.x.x 12's with a broodis 1500d amp:-) For the componeant's go with Mb quort, or infinity, both are good speakers. Good luck and nice car.

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polo, good to hear your looking to come back to the game, welcome back...

You're basically looking for a new system as you stated, 3500 is alot more money then youd really need for a system...seeing as space is an issue and you're not looking for like 2 15"s with monster power...Heres some suggestions, they are my personal preferance...

Headunit: Go with an Eclipse or Clarion
Amp: JBL, JL Audio, USamps
Subs: Look into maybe an Adire audio Shiva or maybe an Image Dynamics 10 or 12 depending on your available space
Speakers: Infinity kappa perfects, JL audio

Pick your headunit, subs and speakers first, then from there deside on the amps you'll need, if you want to amp your door speakers or not, an amp that works with your sub or subs, and wiring and all that isnt a big concern.

Good luck with everything, Chances are alot of the companies i've mentioned are probbaly kind of foreign to you but if you just hunt around this board for a month or so and take some time and dont just dive headfirst in you should come out with a very nice sounding system that will hit very nice for you.

Good luck

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it might just be me but im not at all impressed with jl's components the XR's sound average at best to me
the zr's are nice but overpriced

if you have 3500 this is what you should do
get 1 eclipse ti 12" an 8454 head unit from eclipse us amps for sub zapco comp amps for the components and some dyn 360s up front

this should squeeze you in right around 3500 if you buy from the right places and it will sound 1000x better than some jl components with a clarion hu

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Thanks for the replies guys. I believe you're right Jeff, some of those names are greek to me now. From what I/ve picked up browsing the last couple days, I like the sounds of the Eclipse HU's so far. I know the JL Audio subs are kick a$$, from back in the day. I hadn't really heard about any of their other products though. Taylor, thx for the compliment on my ride. I've had it for a while now. Check prices, they're dropping big time now that the C6 is out. I'd recommend a C4 any day. Also, is the "Re" an abreviation for the full name? I'll be out of town for a couple days, but I'll be back to soak up this site. Thanks again!

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Ya re stand's for resonant engineering, if you look around you will find that people like the re x.x.x just as good as the Eclipse. I think I would go with the Eclipse head unit. The only problum with Jl audio is they cost way too much. I am sure you will get a kick a$$ system for that Chevy!

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Also here is the website for Resonant Engineering Just incase you want to check the x.x.x sub's out:-)

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JLs components are nice if you give them enough power, they're not my favorites, but I've used them before and they're very good if installed correctly. The XRs tweeter is strong for my taste, but if you attenuate it, then you'll get a bit more balance. The good thing is that the tweeter has a higher crossover frequency (4.8k), so it works well to put the tweets up higher because the mid handles most of the vocals. Dash or A pillars work well as long as you can tone them down a tad so they don't overpower the mids. Really, the ZRs didn't impress me that much, I didn't feel they were really that much better than the XRs. Their components are well underrated IMO, I've put a 300/2 on them and they sounded great, with lower power they didn't do as well. I love Dynaudios though, they're what I've come to prefer in a speaker system, and they're fantastic if a warm, neutral response is what you're after. Remember that loud isn't what they accomplish, if you want something pretty loud these will leave you wanting a little more.
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